The Beacon: 2023 07/30


The day Texa was born will always have a special place in my heart. Jerry and I were at the hospital, eagerly waiting outside the delivery room. When the nurse brought Texa to us, I hesitated to hold her. But as soon as I did, a feeling of joy overwhelmed me. Seeing her innocent eyes and holding her tiny body in my arms was one of the greatest moments of my life. Despite the initial fear and panic, I felt a deep connection to this new life that had just entered the world and our family. Being a mother is a precious gift, whether biologically related or not.

As Texa grew, she filled our lives with endless hope and love. Her presence served as a constant reminder of the blessings we had in our lives. We cherished her and showed her genuine love and care. However, our faith and happiness would soon be tested.

Texa's passing shattered our world and left us overwhelmed with grief. The pain was so intense that it felt like I could not breathe. Bereaved mothers can understand the overwhelming burden of carrying on after losing a child. We try to shield our loved ones from the pain we endure, but it is a daily struggle to move forward. Seeing other children with their mothers is a painful reminder of our loss.

The loneliness is profound when you have lost your only child. The pain's weight can suffocate you, making you want to escape the world and isolate yourself. Some days, the darkness seems to have consumed all the light, and hope feels like a faint flicker. However, I hold onto my faith and trust in God even in the darkest moments. It is a constant struggle to reach out for God's hand and have faith that He will sustain me.

Saying goodbye is never easy, and it reminds us of the fragile nature of life. But even in death, we can value the existence of our loved ones and the memories we share. The bonds that connect us transcend death, and we hold them dearly. In the end, it is the memories and love that remain with us.

Texa's passing will always be a painful memory. Yet, I honor her by cherishing our time together and holding onto the love she brought into our lives. I trust that God has a plan and that Texa's passing was not in vain. Although the pain will never completely fade, I will continue to hold onto hope and faith in God, knowing He will give me the strength to continue.

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