The Beacon: 2023 08/27


Since losing my daughter on May 7th, 2022, I have been living with grief and profound emptiness. During these moments of intense sadness, I find great comfort and a glimmer of hope in the powerful words from 2 Corinthians 4:18. As a follower of Jesus, I hold onto the advice to "focus not on what is seen, but on what is unseen." It is like a gentle reminder, nudging me to remember that my true home is in Heaven with God, and this world is just a temporary stop along the way. Maintaining a perspective that spans eternity and concentrating on what truly matters becomes incredibly important in a world of distractions.

Kenny Chesney's song "Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven" beautifully captures the universal longing to reach Heaven. However, the journey toward that destination can sometimes be filled with doubts and uncertainties. During times of profound loss, such as when I had to say goodbye to my daughter, I discovered a newfound appreciation for the idea of Heaven. While the world around me may not always feel welcoming, my grieving heart finds comfort in the beauty of God's presence reflected in nature—the stunning sunsets, the gentle breeze in the forest, and the calming rhythm of life.

My desire to reunite with my daughter, Texa, becomes an anchor of hope and optimism in my current state of being. It strengthens my resolve to adopt a perspective transcending time, seeking a deeper relationship with my Heavenly Father.

Amid the sorrow and grief, I realize that my existence stretches far beyond the temporary moments of life. It is like a gentle revelation that shapes my priorities and confirms that love, much like the timeless currency of Heaven, is the most valuable treasure. With eager anticipation, I direct my attention toward the unseen, longing for that future day when peace prevails, and all sources of sorrow will fade away.

You might find it hard to believe the extent to which this journey through grief has strengthened my determination to pursue the promises of Heaven. I aspire to live in harmony with principles that transcend the fleeting attractions of worldly distractions. This change in perspective has granted me a deeper understanding of life's true purpose and a profound sense of inner peace.

In the face of heartache, my soul longs for a life that endures forever, where every tear is wiped away and all pain is healed. Grief is a driving force, urging me to embrace the hope of eternity, turning my gaze toward the unseen and my heart toward lasting peace.

Despite the sorrow that accompanies grief, there is an immensely comforting feeling in knowing that Texa now resides in the loving presence of God. This understanding fuels my desire to value and nurture love in all its forms, allowing it to light my way as I navigate life. The interweaving of grief, loss, and hope guides me toward an unshakeable commitment to the peace and promise of eternity.

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