2022 Thanksgiving Dinner

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 Our first annual Texa Kite Family Ministries Spread The Love Thanksgiving Dinner was a great success due to Community Partnerships, Volunteers, Recipients and the blessing of God.  We felt Texa's spirit all along the way and know that she truly helped us think through the logistics of bringing this huge undertaking together.  

The following information is what your support contributed to:
387 + families in Edmond were given a full Thanksgiving meal for 6 thanks to our donors, friends,
and volunteers’ generosity. Over 2400 individuals received a Thanksgiving meal all because of
one beautiful, extraordinary soul; Texa Kite.

Fun Facts:
3,057 lbs. of turkeys
1935 lbs. of red potatoes
1161 sticks of butter
967.5 lbs. of pumpkin
774 lbs. of carrots
774 cans of green beans
387 white onions
774 cans of cream of mushroom soup
275.2 lbs. of brown sugar
255.5 cups of parmesan cheese
193.5 lbs. of sour cream
34 HUGE sacks of fried onions

17 amazing volunteers

Breakdown of Community Partners
315 Families Edmond Public Elementary Schools
10 Dinners to the City Center After School Program
51 Dinners Oklahoma County Homeless Resource Group
30 Dinners to Pivot Youth Shelter
It was wonderful to honor God & our daughter Texa.
The lasting impact in our community will be felt for a long time.