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16 years ago, we received the call of a lifetime.  A baby needed a family and we said yes.  Some children grow under their mother's heart and but all grow in them and that's exactly Texa's story.  We grew together.  As a family we embraced this new life and couldn't ever imagine where it would take us.  Most will remember Texa for her powerful swimming ability and her quest for the Olympics, but there was so much more to this beautiful soul that held her world in her eyes and in her genuine love.  If there was someone in need and she could do something about it, she did.


Texa Dawn made the most of her short time here on earth.  She BELIEVED in everything she attempted.  She reached so many people because she was not afraid to extend her friendships and support.  Since her passing, we've been in awe at the outpouring of people who knew her or of her in some way.

Texa and her coach

Jennifer Meyer-Conklin
May 20
Robin Strom Kite and Jerry D. Kite,
I wish I could have said what I wanted to say today without crying, but I didn’t think I could so I didn’t go up to share. But I do want you to know that your daughter is beautiful. Her legacy is beautiful. Your lives intertwined as they were are beautiful.
I knew you all before I became a mother myself. Here was this child with more ambition and discipline than I had as an adult. Here were these parents, showing me how to accept a child for exactly who they are, how to nurture their strengths and prepare them to overcome their weaknesses. How to hold them accountable and encourage them to be whoever they want to be. Of course I know many families with kids. But I don’t know many families who are truly in LOVE with each other the way you three are. Your family became a model to me before I had a family of my own. My heart just cries for this pain you feel. Losing a child carries such weight, it is still impossible for me to describe even all these years later. But I do know that your family gave our community treasures that will live with us for the rest of our days. And that legacy was easily described today by so many. I pray now, your community gives back to you as you begin the journey of grieving, of honoring, of healing. May we help hold you up when you cannot take another step. May we raise up Texa’s name when you cannnot speak. My heart to yours. Thank you for saying yes to bringing that baby home from the hospital.

American Energy Swim Club is at Oklahoma Christian University.
May 21

Yesterday, we said our farewell and celebrated the life of our teammate, friend, student and daughter, TexaDawn Strom Kite. Texa touched the lives of so many throughout the Oklahoma Swimming community, and it was felt by all who attended her Memorial. Thank you to everyone who came from all over the state to celebrate Texa with Robin, Jerry and the Kite family.
While Texa’s presence will be missed on the pool deck for a long time to come, her spirit will continue to live on with everyone who was blessed to know her. Fly high, sweet TexaDawn!! May you rest in eternal peace.


Texa Kite Family Ministries

Dear God, please take care of our little girl
The one with big brown eyes and soft brown curls
She is so very special, as you already know
And her mom and I did not want her to go
She touched the hearts of all she knew
Letting her go is just so hard to do
Her smile could brighten even the darkest room
We wish you did not have to take her so soon
Could you sit with her , hug her and tell her it’s OK
We know she is afraid, but tell her not to worry
Let her know mom and dad love her and wish she was still here
Tell her God’s promises are always true, so we will see her soon
A joyous reunion in the sky, with no more pain and no sting of death
Surrounded by the love of God and those who have gone before
A true eternal reunion like no mortal has ever seen
A reunion of Texa, her mom and dad and all who love God.

Texa & Dad  Texa & Mom