The Beacon: 2023 07/23

Grief is a relentless companion that has drained me of my energy, for every step feels like trudging through the suffocating quicksand of hopelessness. Navigating life's necessary tasks becomes a delicate dance, where the slightest misstep could lean toward insecurity, guilt, anger, and sadness. Nevertheless, I am determined to walk this narrow path and choose how I want to face each challenge.

Despair looms to my left, seductive whispers tempting me to surrender to the shadows. My right side calls it deception, promising false comfort and an escape from reality. I must tread carefully, realizing that one wrong move could lead me into despair. At the same time, doubt stands ready to extinguish any lingering remnants of hope.

During this struggle, I find comfort in the image of Jesus walking the lonely road to Golgotha and Calvary. Just a week earlier, he had been celebrated and praised as he made his triumphant entry into Jerusalem surrounded by adoring crowds. But, a week later, he found himself abandoned and alone; even his closest protégé, Peter, faltered in the face of adversity. However, unlike the disciples, he does not abandon us in our time of need. Though we may not see him, he remains steadfast by our side, fully aware of our deepest struggles and empathetically sharing our pain.

My resolve and faith are centered entirely on Jesus Christ. He is my unwavering support, the base upon which I firmly establish myself. He is the unyielding cornerstone, and I place my steadfast faith in his teachings, wholeheartedly believing that His words are true. While I cannot observe concrete evidence of existence beyond death, I believe it is accurate, and Texa is currently experiencing it. As one of her friends eloquently expressed, she is now "chilling with Jesus."

Yes, Texa is experiencing the pure joy of being in the divine presence of Jesus. She resides in a realm free from pain and grief, a perfect world created by God for His beloved children to live in eternal peace. This existence transcends the limitations of earthly life, overflowing with everlasting joy.

Texa's reunion with Jesus provides comfort amid the pain caused by her absence. Even though she cannot physically witness this side of eternal life, I am confident she is aware of our yearnings and the emptiness she left behind. Her presence lingers in Jerry's heart and mine. Although we cannot bridge the gap between our present existence and the afterlife, we fervently believe we will be reunited with her one day.

Just like King David, who held onto his faith that he would eventually reunite with his deceased child, I also have the promise that I will see Texa again. This promise sustains me, enabling me to face each day with renewed strength.
Navigating this grief journey requires me to devote every aspect of my life to embracing the truth and to stand firm and steadfast in my faith in Jesus. It requires me to place my unwavering trust in His divine plan even when it seems unfathomable. Although I may not comprehend why this happened, God is the master planner, carefully molding every circumstance following His grand design.

As I await the break of dawn, I remind myself that God is still in control and that His divine authority remains unwavering, even in despair. In the stillness of the night, I find comfort by reciting Scripture, embracing my Bible to my chest, and seeking the Holy Spirit's presence to ease my anxiety and bring me peace. Even without answers to the questions that haunt my heart, I can find solace in God's unshakable peace.

My refuge and protection lie in God; even in moments of exhaustion, abandonment, and overwhelming stress, God protects me and provides shelter. Although Satan may influence the physical world, his power cannot reach the depths of the immortal soul. Power may only extend to the physical realm but cannot touch the eternal soul.

Texa has not died; instead, she has transitioned into a more favorable realm called eternity. She resides alongside God, who cherishes her with a love that surpasses our own. Our love for her pales compared to the boundless joy she now encounters in the presence of her Creator. This farewell is only temporary because a great reunion awaits us one day.

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