Our First Year In Review

Watch Our Recap Video Here

Our first annual Texa Kite Family Ministries Spread The Love Thanksgiving Dinner was a great success due to Community Partnerships, Volunteers, Recipients and the blessing of God. We felt Texa's spirit all along the way and know that she truly helped us think through the logistics of bringing this huge undertaking together.

The following information is what your support contributed to:
387 + families in Edmond were given a full Thanksgiving meal (for 6!) thanks to our donors, friends,
and volunteers’ generosity. Over 2400 individuals received a Thanksgiving meal all because of
one beautiful, extraordinary soul; Texa Kite.

Fun Facts:
3,057 lbs. of turkeys
1935 lbs. of red potatoes
1161 sticks of butter
967.5 lbs. of pumpkin
774 lbs. of carrots
774 cans of green beans
387 white onions
774 cans of cream of mushroom soup
275.2 lbs. of brown sugar
255.5 cups of parmesan cheese
193.5 lbs. of sour cream
34 HUGE sacks of fried onions

17 amazing volunteers

Breakdown of Community Partners
315 Families Edmond Public Elementary Schools
10 Dinners to the City Center After School Program
51 Dinners Oklahoma County Homeless Resource Group
30 Dinners to Pivot Youth Shelter

2022 Operation Christmas Backpack

This TKFM project was organized to help underserved elementary age children in the Edmond Community with meals/snacks & toys while they were out of school for Christmas break. Thank you to all who volunteered and donated to this act of giving!

•23+ AMAZING volunteers

•285+ sacks of food assembled

•285+ backpacks filled with toys, books, and school supplies

Assembled in 1 hour and 53 minutes!

2023 Coach Hogan Thomas Swim Clinic

On January 7, a very special person to Texa, Coach Hogan Thomas, hosted a swim clinic and 100% of the proceeds went to fund the Learn to Swim & Lunch program we held @ Apple Village of Edmond.  We can't thank Coach Thomas and staff enough for this amazing contribution to TKFM and the ministry of reaching youth in our community. We also want to thank the parents and swimmers that supported this incredible event.

2023 Texa Boxes Project


Thanks to the generous help of volunteers, community partners, and friends of TKFM ~ we have successfully given out Texa Boxes for 9 months now.  We have heard the best feedback from the recipients of these boxes and they are making a difference just as we hoped they would.  These boxes provide families with children non-grocery items that are not easily available through other resources but are so vital for day to day living and sanitation. 

 Thanks to our Youth Group Volunteers HERE

2023 Learn to Swim & Lunch Project

Our 2023 Swim & Lunch Camp @ Apple Village in Edmond was a a great success! A special thank you to Coach Brian Kidd for going the extra mile and making sure our swimmers had a great time while learning important life skills.

We averaged 20-30 swimmers each swim day and served 135 lunches on day the summer lunch program through the school was not available.

Thanks to our fantastic supporters for making this possible for these amazing kids who will have terrific memories and hopefully they will have a passion for swimming throughout their lives.

•Friends of TKFM
•Ron & Georgia Swadley
•Hogan Thomas Swim Clinic
•Edmond Women's Club
•Apple Village

It is truly hard to fathom all the lives that have been touched in this first season of Texa Kite Family Ministries.  It would not be possible without the grace of so many contributors and volunteers.  In life, Texa had a passion for giving and she touched so many lives just by being herself.  With the TKFM family ~ we will continue to make sure to be her trail angels and reach those that need a little extra love and support.