The Beacon: 2023 10/08

The deep feelings of grief, loss, peace, and hope have impacted my heart since our beloved daughter left us. The idea that she's gone and we're left longing for her presence hurts. I've struggled with the fact that life can be so short, and it's hard to accept that fully.

But today, I have to face the reality that life is fragile and can slip away quickly, leaving an impossible emptiness that can't be filled. It's tough to admit, but it's a permanent part of our story once life is gone.

Despite how life can throw us curveballs, I find comfort in knowing that our daughter knew how much we loved her. I made sure to show her my love every chance I got. We had secret talks and shared laughter, bonding over bags of popcorn. My love for her was always there, brightening every moment we spent together. And even though I couldn't shield her from life's uncertainties, I'm glad I never left words unspoken or feelings unshared.

Amid this grief, an important question arises: If I had known that May 7 would be the last day with Texa, how would I have spent it differently? What words would I have chosen? What moments would I have treasured forever? Life's unpredictability becomes painfully clear when we lose someone as precious as our daughter, realizing how delicate and valuable they are.

Life is like an unpredictable journey with no crystal ball to reveal what goodbyes are waiting for us. It's an uncertain story with no clear beginnings and no hints about who will be with us in the future or who will embark on their final journey today. Even the youngest among us arrive without expiration dates, showing how loss can strike without warning.

Despite all the uncertainty in my heart, I honor our beloved daughter's memory with unwavering faith. We'll see her again in a place beyond this world, where love goes beyond earthly limits. It's a faith anchored in the firm belief that we'll reunite with her in the loving arms of Heaven.

The journey through mourning is complicated and filled with emotions like grief, loss, peace, and hope. In a world where certainty is hard to come by, I'm determined to create a legacy of love and faith, knowing that our daughter's spirit lives on. Life's fleeting nature reminds us to cherish every passing moment and nurture relationships that last beyond time.

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