The Beacon: 2023 10/29

Even the most unpleasant medications become more tolerable when added to sugar. Still, some truths are hard to accept, no matter how cleverly disguised they are. Losing a child is one of those truths.

Coping with loss and grief is a difficult challenge, and words are often insufficient to express the profound pain of losing a loved one, especially a child. This quote from Mary Poppins provides a glimpse into the potential for finding peace and healing through faith and the Holy Word.

I have studied the Bible for many years, taken it seriously, and wholeheartedly believe what it says about this life and life after death. However, when Texa passed away, I was forced to revisit verses I thought I knew.

Addressing the profound issues surrounding pain and loss, especially the heartbreaking loss of a child, offers no easy solutions. Many people turn to their faith and the Bible for comfort, understanding, and hope during these challenging times. The journey of faith often involves wrestling with these questions and finding comfort in the wisdom of Scripture.

There are no easy answers to the tragedy of child death. No words of comfort can ease the grief, sadness, and regret at my daughter's funeral.

Ann Lamott shares a poignant Hasidic story in her book "Plan B: Further Thoughts on Faith." It tells the story of a rabbi who repeatedly told his congregants that studying the Torah would engrave the Bible on their hearts. When asked, "Why in our hearts and not theirs?" the rabbi replied, "Only God can write the Scriptures in your heart. But if you read the sacred texts, they can become etched on your heart, and the divine words will find their way into it when your heart breaks".

These reflections also highlight the importance of community and the invaluable support of those who help those who are grieving and recognize that recovery is an ongoing process that cannot be hurried. Our willingness to wait patiently for "the Word to come into our hearts" demonstrates the enduring power of faith and the resilience of the human spirit in the face of profound loss.

In times of grief and pain, people often discover the strength and resilience of their faith, even as they struggle with difficult issues that arise. I cannot put a Bible verse on my broken heart like a Band-Aid on a skinned knee: the wound is too deep and hurts too much. So, I will patiently wait for the divine Word to slowly build itself in my soul.

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