The Beacon: 2023 12/03


The journey of a grieving mother is an uphill battle filled with discomfort and deep sadness. A beautiful sunrise, which used to give me hope, now seems far away and hidden behind the dark clouds of my grief. However, even in this darkness, I hold onto my faith, believing that the dark of night will eventually turn into a brighter morning.

In my childhood memories of summer camp, I distinctly remember being rudely awakened by the blaring bugle playing Reveille and the loud brays of donkeys. As I grew older, I became intrigued by the motive behind the donkey's noisy behavior. I wondered if there was a deeper meaning beyond scientific explanation. Upon closer inspection, I discovered that the donkeys were not just making noise without purpose. Their braying was a form of worship, demonstrating their loyalty to a higher power. Even in the darkest moments of the morning, these unassuming animals exuded a sense of joy and enthusiasm for the upcoming day in their unpretentious yet profound way.

 It now reminds me that despite how bleak things may seem, a new day is on the horizon. Their calls were an act of courage, a testament to their belief in the life force that brings about the sunrise, even if it remains invisible. The donkeys' unwavering fortitude provides comfort and inspiration whenever I feel hopeless.

In this time of sadness and hopelessness, I find comfort in the simple yet unwavering example of these unassuming donkeys. I mirror their steadfast faith, reaffirming my belief that light is coming and echoing the timeless truths that overcome the darkness – the promise of new beginnings and the unshakeable faith that physical death is not the ultimate conclusion.

Jesus promises, "Yes, I am the door. Anyone who comes through me will be saved. They can come and go freely and find good things. The thief wants to steal, kill, and destroy. But I came to give them a rich and full life." (John 10:9-10 NLT)

John's profound words resonate, lighting up my heart in the dark times. They express the certainty that through unwavering faith and belief, anyone can discover everlasting life, comfort, and purpose despite life's challenges.

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