The Beacon: 2024 03/03

Since the heartbreaking loss of my daughter, memories have become a significant part of my everyday life. It is more than just remembering specific moments or events; it feels like a deep dive into what memories truly mean. My ability to remember certain things easily, like the details of a joke or the insignificant things from a car ride, confuses me. At the same time, other memories fade away, leaving me with only bits and pieces that cannot be pieced together.

In the vast field of memory research, scientists study how our minds work and try to understand the processes behind the formation and storage of memory. They examine synaptic activation and the firing of neuronal pathways. But, from a mother's perspective, I have realized that what anchors memories in our minds is the intensity of our feelings, whether happy or sad. These emotions shape our lives and form a tapestry of memories that shape our journey.

I have realized that when our hearts are aligned, it leaves a lasting impression on our minds—like a revelation. It is as if our feelings become the artist's brush, painting vibrant pictures that go beyond just remembering. We are recalling and engraving those intense emotional moments into our memory.

In this journey into understanding memory, I discovered that the size of memory does not guarantee its longevity. Instead, the quieter moments filled with love, laughter, and togetherness stay with us. The fancy gifts, elaborate meals, and party decorations might shine momentarily, but their sparkle gradually disappears. The comfort of a peaceful home remains, where the spirit of Christ is not just a visitor during special occasions but a constant companion.

As I engage in this practice, I am filled with an indescribable peace that cannot be expressed in words. This peace spreads, creating an atmosphere that surrounds the people I love. In this sacred space, memories are not just events but carefully woven with purpose and sincerity.

As the world spins, I rest peacefully and embrace God's love. I let it fill every part of me, filling every moment with meaning and grace. In these moments, I am not just creating memories but weaving a tapestry of love. This legacy goes beyond the temporary and becomes a precious gift to anyone touched by its sincerity and authenticity.

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