The Beacon: 2024 03/10

Losing my child has been incredibly difficult, and it has led me on a journey that feels overwhelming and uncertain. In a world where GPS helps us navigate physical spaces easily, grief is different – it leaves me feeling disoriented, and I have to recalibrate my emotions daily. While I used to be good at asking for directions in real life, as a grieving mother, I now struggle to find guidance in the wilderness of grief.

In the past twenty months, I have found practical strategies that help me navigate this emotional territory. Concentrating on tasks is hard, so I break them into smaller parts. For example, I clean the kitchen sink before moving on to other responsibilities, approaching each task carefully as if I am putting together the pieces of a broken world.

I designate spots for essential items like my phone and keys to cope with occasional memory lapses. Organizing my purse with specific compartments for different things has become a habit, bringing some order to my upside-down world.

Even a trip to the store, filled with noise and painful memories, is challenging. I make a list to stay focused for small shopping trips – a tangible lifeline in the emotional storm. I rely on a simple notebook to keep track of essential information, documenting the scattered fragments of daily life.

My phone's Google Calendar is essential, keeping me organized with appointments and family schedules. Without checking them first, I will not agree to or change plans, as it helps maintain order amidst emotional chaos.

Navigating conversations can be tricky, like dealing with a foreign language. I have learned to ask for clarification without apologizing, understanding that grief can cloud understanding. Each interaction is a delicate dance between vulnerability and the need for understanding.

By sharing my personal journey, I hope to shed light on coping with grief as a parent who has experienced loss. I hope these insights resonate with others on their paths through the wilderness of loss, creating a genuine connection and offering sincere support in the face of profound grief.

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