The Beacon: 2024 05/19

I had two primary goals when I began writing on this platform after our daughter passed away. Initially, I wanted to share how the loss of my child deeply affected my family and me. Secondly, I aimed to provide insights into our experiences to those outside the grief community, helping them understand our struggles and better support their grieving friends.

These goals have remained consistent for nearly two years. However, a new side of my identity appeared during a recent business inquiry. When asked about my profession, I spontaneously described myself as a "Grief Trail Angel," a term that surfaced before I fully processed its meaning. Reflecting on this, I recognized it as not merely an impulsive label but an accurate reflection of my mission: to guide women through the dark paths of grief and anxiety, standing firmly beside those who mourn.

This realization has reinforced my path, leading me to focus on larger writing projects and set up an online grief support group for mothers. I am compiling notes from various presentations, aiming to transform them into a book or a collection of essays. My hope is that these efforts will provide therapeutic benefits not only for myself but also for others.

My experiences, while personal, do not encompass the entire spectrum of child loss. Each family endures their unique form of grief, whether through accidents, prolonged illness, or addiction. While I cannot speak to those specific circumstances, I can share my own painful experience with the sudden loss from suicide.

I also aim to enlighten our friends and extended family about the persistent, quiet sadness of loss that constantly underlies my daily life. This ongoing emotional drain is often worsened by societal pressures that expect us to confine our mourning to private spaces after the funeral.

As I meet new challenges and gain deeper insights, I am reminded that my journey will continuously require courage. I expect this will remain true until I am reunited with my child in Heaven.

Despite the ongoing struggles, my commitment to supporting others facing child loss remains steadfast. Although this path is marked by sorrow, I navigate it with determination and hope, ready to help those on a similar journey.

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